Removing Missing Images From Fusker Collections

The following example goes through the exercise of first building a fusker collection with missing file blocks at the beginning of the fusker collection, in the middle of the fusker collection, and at the end of the fusker collection. Then works through the use of ISP Forms to remove the missing file references.

Though we work specifically with Images in this example, the same methodology could be used with any of the file segment types supported by Image Surfer Pro. It was a matter of expediency in finding an example that adequately covered the topics we wish to discuss in the example that lead us to use images as the focus.

Processing Config
Image Surfer Pro configuration dialog with images tab selected inputs enabled
Forms Config
Image Surfer Pro configuration dialog with forms tab selected inputs enabled
We start by attempting to get a clean fusker collection of Kate Beckinsale pictures from The page is relatively "noisy" and full of images, it is slow to load and often quite frustrating to use... However, there are some great photos there so we will use Image Surfer Pro to make the experience better!

Our configuration will have the following important settings:
  • Auto range when adding to the Collection
  • Search above and below added file
  • Auto combine individual Images into fusked images
  • Auto select URL links to images in forms
We will use the Auto Range Override toolbar extension to override the auto ranging configurations above as needed.
Starting Page
Original webpage: Specific Kate Beckinsale image page at FanPop
Exploding the Page
Result of creating an Image Surfer Pro Form fromthe original webpage
After Image Surfer Pro generate form from official Josie Maran images page
It doesn't take long to get tired of the way the FanPop pages navigate - so we immediately decide to see what image information is available on the landing page where we started. Using the ISP Forms button from Image Surfer Pro Toolbar button on the Image Surfer Pro toolbar we quickly see the central image from the previous page and note it was a direct link to an image file. The "Sterile Link" associated with the image has automatically been selected. Scrolling up and down we see there are no large images we wish to add to the collection or any other links which were automatically selected for us.

It is worth noting there are quite a few thumbnail images of Kate Beckinsale in the Images Table of the form which appear to be linked to other FanPop pages which would be similar to the page we are processing. We could use a Directed Search to investigate these pages...

To add the presumably larger version of the original central image we simply process the Image Surfer Pro form using the Page processing buttion from Image Surfer Pro Toolbar button. The result looks great as we have a single large image of Kate. The collection tree shows a single path with a single image segment.

Finding More Images Step 1
We hope there are more images similar to this one along the same path to FanPop, but looking at the file name we see what appears to be the image resolution at the end of the file name "1024-768" rather than a file number... But just before that, there is a number which might be a file id "78845". So we decide to split the filename and isolate the two sets of numbers.
Modify the File Segment Split the File Segment
Close up of fusker collection tree with file segment selected and tree menu up with Modify selected Close up Segment Editor showing how the image resolution is moved to the post text portion of the segment Close up of fusker collection tree with file segment selected and tree menu up with Split selected Close up of fusker collection tree after the file segment is split
Finding More Images Step 2
With the file number and image resolution separated we can use Auto Range to search for several files of the same actress with the same resolution quickly!
Auto Ranging The Split Directory Close up of fusker tree with Split Directory selected and Auto Range highlighted on tree menu Result of Auto Range Resulting webpage from auto ranging the split directory Zoom Out on Auto Range Result Internet Explorer showing the Auto Range result page at 25% zoom
The file name threw us a bit of a twist giving both a file number and the image resolution, but Image Surfer Pro made it relatively easy to find a whole set of images of Kate which could be used as wallpapers. There may be more images to find in this same path, but the current sample is exactly what we were looking for as a teaching example.

Notice that the images in the generated page are not show full size (at least in our case). This is because we have set {Guide Pages Image Size} on the Views Tab of the user preferences to dynamically limit the size of images on guide pages. Since our numeric fusk is on a split directory, each value of the fusk is considered a different gallery within the fusker collection and the generated page is a Guided View of the directory segment.

A Final Consideration
Internet Explorer showing the Auto Range result page at 25% zoom Description
The goal of our final step is to remove the references to the missing files from the fusker collection. By scrolling up and down the webpage generated from the Auto Range of the Split Directory we see a block of missing images at the top and bottom of the page along with 2 missing images in the middle of several existing images. Removing the missing images at the beginning or end of our numeric fusk is easily done by changing the range of the fusk. Removing these missing file references in the middle of the numeric range is not as straight forward, but using an ISP Form makes it easy.

We will use the same configuration as before - but use the "Add All" selection boxes at the top of the ISP Form to override the settings.
The process we will use to remove the missing images has 4 steps:
  • Display all of the images on a single page
  • Delete the existing tree branch
  • Generate an Image Surfer Pro Form from the display of all the images
  • Use selection boxes to choose only the images we wish to collect
  • Process the Image Surfer Pro Form
Technically the first step was already done when we chose to Auto Range the split directory segment. The zoomed result is shown again to the left.
Delete The Split Directory
Close up of fusker tree with Split Directory selected and Delete highlighted on the tree menu
Deleting the split directory and the child file segment removes all of the references to the current set of images but leaves the general structure and placement of the tree branch in the fusker collection. This way, when the images are re-added, they won't simply merge into the existing segment.
Generate Image Surfer Pro Form Image Surfer Pro form generated from the previous webpage still at 25% zoom
The original page generated when we applied Auto Ranging to the split directory was a top level Guided View page because it was generated from a directory. Once the form is created with the ISP Forms button from Image Surfer Pro Toolbar button we notice that the images were linked to other generated pages and not directly to the images. Because of this, even though we have {Auto select URL links to images in forms} enabled, no check boxes in the Links column of the Images Table have been automatically selected for us. We will select the individual "Add To Collection" boxes beneath each image we wish to add back to the fusker collection.
Check The Files We Want
Close up of unchecked form selection box with view now at 0% zoom
We do not select the images where a "Missing Image Block" is present, including the two missing images in the middle of the range. We could have used the "Add all images to collection" checkbox in the Image Content column header of the Images Table and then "unselected" the boxes for each missing image, but in this case there were fewer images than missing images so selecting them individually is more efficient.
Image Surfer Pro form generated from the previous webpage still at 25% zoom The final Kate Beckinsale fusker collection is now clean with no missing file references and a full page of great images. The final file reference is a single file segment (no Split Directory) which has been optimized to have a list fusk.