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System Requirements for Image Surfer Pro

Both the Free and Registered Editions have the same system requirements.

Supported OS: All versions of Windows10, Windows8, Windows7, Vista and WindowsXP
Supported Platforms: Both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows OS.
Supported 32Bit Browser: Internet Explorer 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, and 6
Supported 64Bit Browser: Internet Explorer 11, 10, 9 and 8
Protected Mode & User Access Control: all versions of IE and Windows
Enhanced Protected Mode: all versions of Windows with IE11 and IE9
Latest Version: 03.02

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Limited Edition
Registered Edition*
* Registration allows you to download both the 32Bit and 64Bit versions
** Texas residents must also pay sales tax.

Use the Download Now button to download the Free Edition of Image Surfer Pro immediately.

When you register, an email will be sent to you with a confirmation number and download instructions.

If you have already registered and received your confirmation key or recently received notice that a new version was released and you qualified for a free upgrade, use this link to enter your credentials and download Image Surfer Pro.

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Free vs. Registered Edition Comparison

There are two editions of Image Surfer Pro. The Free Edition functionality is quite limited when it comes to building your own fusker collections and displaying videos and frames, but it does allow you to determine if the tool is of interest to you at zero cost and serves as a way of basically viewing fusker collections created by the Registered Edition.

Software Feature
Creating A Fusker Collection Image Surfer Pro Fusker Collection Files can be saved, shared, emailed, posted, downloaded, just as any other data file.
Open A Fusker Collection Both versions can read files created by each other of the same or lesser release
Saving A Fusker Collection Both versions save ISP Collection files in the same format
IE Copy Image URL The IE image context menu extension is in both editions
Tool Configuration The same configuration options exist in both editions
Multiple Fusks Per Segment Split and Rollup are available in both editions
Tube Site Embed Code The URL Capture bar supports parsing the Embed Code obtained from popular Tube Sites to add a frame to the fusker collection in both versions.
Viewing Fusker Collections The same viewing options exist in both editions (though viewing videos and frames is limited in the free version)
Video (MP4, Flash, WinMedia) Video segments are fully supported, however, when displaying a video the free version limits the size, limits the controls, and places an overlay in front of the video.
Frame Video (Shockwave, Raw) Frame segments are fully supported, however, when displaying a frame the free version limits the size, limits the controls, and places an overlay in front of the frame.
ISP Forms The free edition will only pull out the first 20 images and 2 videos and/or frames and does not create Image Surfer Pro forms
Auto Adding Content The free edition limits the number of times you can use Proces Webpage button from Image Surfer Pro Toolbar or the URL Capture Bar in a browsing session to 5
Manually Editing Information Only the registered edition can create or edit List fusked segments
Free Hosted Gallery Processer Free Hosted Gallery processing is only operational in the registered edition
Directed Media Search A directed media search of multiple pages requires an Image Surfer Pro Form and is only available in the registered edition
Segment Organizer Only the registered edition allows you to use the Segment Organizer
to change the order of subdirectories.
Manually Adding Tree Branches Only the registered edition allows you to manually add directories
and files to your fusker collections - though delete works in both editions
Cut/Copy/Paste Only the registered edition allows you use the Cut / Copy / Paste
Merging Fusker Collection Files The free edition does not support merging fusker collection files
Grabbing Media Files Only the registered edition allows you to grab images and videos

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User Access Control, Protected Mode & 64Bit Browsing

Both the free and registered versions of Image Surfer Pro include full support for User Access Control (UAC) and Protected Mode operation in Windows Vista, Windows7, and Windows8.x with IE8 or later installed. surf anywhere with your basic security suite enabled.

Enhanced Protected Mode is fully supported with the latest versions of Windows10 and IE11 (as of October 2017). It was not supported in IE10 on 64bit Windows8.x or Windows10 due to a conflict in those versions of Windows Application Containers which prevented IE from displaying a page from the local hard drive in a window previously viewing a page from the internet.

On 64 Bit Windows operating systems, Image Surfer Pro Installation includes both the 64 Bit and 32 Bit installation allowing you to surf with either version in Internet Explorer. Enable the Advanced Internet Option {Enable 64-bit processes for Enhanced Protection Mode} to access the 64bit version of Image Surfer Pro. if this option is not enabled, IE will use the 32bit version of Image Surfer Pro.

All tutorials on this site assume you are using IE11. Image Surfer Pro works identically on IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, and IE11 - however, access to the "Extension Toolbars" is slightly different on each.

Configuring Windows10 and Internet Explorer 11 for Image Surfer Pro 3.2

> The Image Surfer Pro installation packages will only let you install the 64bit version on 64bit Windows. Installing this package installs all the components necessary to use Image Surfer Pro on your 64bit Windows 10 system regardless of whether or not you use a 64bit version of Internet Explorer or configure the internet options to enable 64bit extensions.

Screen capture of advanced internet options with Image Surfer Pro relevant configurations highlighted
Edge, Explorer, and Chrome on the windows 10 task bar

Windows10 ships with two browsers, Edge and Internet Explorer. Edge does not support embedded applications such as Image Surfer Pro, but is installed as the default browser and is present by default on the Windows 10 task bar. Clearly to use Image Surfer Pro, you will need to use Internet Explorer. Using Image Surfer Pro does not require you make Internet Explorer your default browser nor prevent you from using other browsers, but it will only be available within Internet Explorer. The latest version of Internet Explorer (and some say the final version of Internet Explorer) is IE11. This is the default version of Internet Explorer shipped with Windows 10 but can also be used with Windows 8.1, Windows 8.0, and even Windows 7 sp1.

You may wish to place Internet Explorer on the task bar as you would your other browsers (above we have it pinned to the task bar between Edge and Chrome). To do this, search with Cortana for Internet Explorer, then click on the familiar Internet Explorer icon. Once Internet Explorer is running, right click the application icon in the task bar and choose Pin to Taskbar.

Screen capture of advanced internet options with Image Surfer Pro relevant configurations highlighted Within the Advanced Internet Options for Internet Explorer there are two settings which are relevant to Image Surfer Pro.

Enable 64bit processes for Enhanced Protected Mode
This configuration determine which version of Image Surfer Pro will be used by Internet Explorer. It is only available in 64bit systems. If this option is enabled IE will load and use the 64bit version of Image Surfer Pro. If it is not enabled, Internet Explorer will load and use the 32bit version of Image Surfer Pro. While not necessary, we do recommend you enable this configuration and run the 64bit version of Image Surfer Pro.

Enable Enhanced Protected Mode
The ISP3.2 release is fully compatible with the enhanced protected mode. Enabling this mode, will provide greater security when you are surfing. Specifically it will add security when you are accessing Active Objects such as Shockwave Flash and Raw Frames. You may use this mode with both the 32bit version and 64bit version of Image Surfer Pro and enabling it or disabling it does not change which version of Image Surfer Pro will be loaded and used by IE.

Known Issues With Enhanced Protected Mode
We have noticed that enabling Enhanced Protected Mode may interfere with viewing webpages on your local internet. Specifically viewing webpages hosted on a mapped network drive seems to be an issue for this Internet Explorer feature.

When upgrading Windows or Internet Explorer the upgrade does not fully maintain the required windows registry settings necessary to access Image Surfer Pro. We recommend uninstalling Image Surfer Pro before upgrading to Windows and then re-installing Image Surfer Pro after your upgrade is complete.

Support for Other Operating Systems and Browsers

Currently Image Surfer Pro only supports Windows operating systems and Internet Explorer. For the best experience we recommend 64bit IE11 on 64bit Windows10. Feel free to let us know your support for other operating systems and web browsers. If a sufficient number of our supporters would like us to support a different OS or web browser we will make every effort to do so.

Please send us an email (Support Mail) to report any bugs you may have encountered or provide any suggestions or feedback you feel would be helpful.

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