Image Surfer Pro User Manual


The Image Surfer Pro application is an Internet Explorer extension which interacts with Internet Explorer as a toolbar. It extends the capability of Internet Explorer and is a managed Addon. The Image Surfer Pro window consists of the Title Bar, Image Surfer Pro Toolbar, Image Surfer Pro Fusker Collection View, and Status Bar.

Screen shot of Image Surfer Pro Application Window Title Bar File Button ISP Forms Button Auto Process Button View Button Tools Button Info Button Auto Range Override Direct URL Entry Collection View Area Status Bar

If you do not see the Image Surfer Pro toolbar in your Inetnet Explorer window and are here looking for information about how to make it visible, Click Here.

Image Surfer Pro allows you to save a reference to media files you find on the web or networked file system. References are shown in the form of a Fusker Collection in the Image Surfer Pro application window to the left of the Internet Explorer webpage view. The Image Surfer Pro Application provides two primary user interfaces:

The use of the Image Surfer Pro interface is intended to feel familiar much like the standard Internet Explorer Favorites Toolbar. However there are several significant differences in the web references stored in the Favorites toolbar and those stored in Image Surfer Pro. While either interface can be used to store a reference to any type of file, Image Surfer Pro relies on file types to determine how to present the link and concerns itself primarily with media files.

Through the Favorites toolbar you can access a single reference a single webpage at a time. Through the Image Surfer Pro toolbar you can access thousands of media files at a time even if they are from different servers all across the World Wide Web.

Another significant difference between the Favorites toolbar and Image Surfer Pro is the ability to save a group of common references in a fusker collection file and then switch between these fusker collections, share these fusker collections with other Image Surfer Pro users, and merge or append fusker collections.

Image Surfer Pro Title Bar

Screen capture of popup menu which appears when you right click the title bar of Image Surfer Pro

The Title Bar at the top of the Image Surfer Pro window identifies the Internet Explorer Add-on and provides a means of closing the Image Surfer Pro window. Right clicking on the Image Surfer Pro Title Bar will open a menu selection which provides much of the same functionality as the File button on Image Surfer Pro Toolbar File Button.

Save Fusker Collection on this menu will perform the Save As function if your fusker collection is not associated with a file already.

Image Surfer Pro Toolbar

Image Surfer Pro itself has a tool bar which allows you to manipulate the web pages displayed by Internet Explorer based on information in the fusker collection.

The tool bar is divided into three sections. The first section provides an interface to create, save, and open Fusker Collection files. The second group of buttons allows you to process webpages displayed in the associated IE window, add an URL information to the fusker collection, and display web pages based on the information stored in the current fusker collection. The final grouping of buttons provide a means of configuring your Image Surfer Pro preferences and accessing information about Image Surfer Pro on the web.

The toolbar shown has been extended with the Auto Range Over Ride interface and the URL Capture Bar interface. These extensions may be activated through the Tools & Settings button on Image Surfer Pro Toolbar Tools and Settings button or by default in your User Preferences. .

Image Surfer Pro Fusker Collection Tree

The Fusker Collection Tree displays the URL information of your fusker collection in the form of a familiar directory tree. The directories represent the directories on the web server where the files were stored. A popup menu appears when you right-click in the fusker collection tree which provides an interface to modify the image fusker collection or view the images referenced by the fusker collection.

Image Surfer Pro Status Bar

The Status Bar at the bottom of the Image Surfer Pro window provides useful information about the fusker collection based on the segment of the tree you have selected. It reports the number of galleries and the number of each type of file contained in the fusker collection below the selected segment. A gallery is defined as a group of files and is essentially the number of paths available in the fusker collection tree from the current selection.

G:Number of galleries
V:Number of Videos in the galleries
Including MP4, Windows Media, and Flash Video files
F:Number of Frames in the galleries
Including Shockwave Flash and Raw Frames
I:Number of Images in the galleries
P:Number of Pages in the galleries