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Release Notes

Current Release: 03.02

About the 3.2 Release

The primary driver for this release was to add support for Three Additional Video and Frame Types

Image Surfer Pro Flash Video segment icon Flash Video The second most common static video file format used on the Internet is now supported by Image Surfer Pro! A custom Shockwave Flash video player is provided with your Image Surfer Pro installation which is used on generated webpages to embed video playback of these files.

Image Surfer Pro Windows Media segment icon Windows Media Files All the file formats normally associated with the Windows Media Player are also now supported! This provides great legacy website support. While most of these file formats have faded from use and were rarely embedded into websites directly, we would not have felt right without providing full support for these legacy formats that helped bring about the video revolution.

Image Surfer Pro Shockwave Flash segment icon Shockwave Flash Files These active objects are used all over the web for any number of purposes, one of which is to embed video playback in websites. While we fully expect the MP4 video tag to directly replace this use, we know that it will take some time. Most browsers are planning to phase out support for SWF files, but while it remains, Image Surfer Pro will support legacy websites using this form of video playback.

The release also includes these important features:

Complete release details for all releases are available on these Release Notes pages.

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Known Issues

The following list of items describes the set of issues which are known to exist in the current release.

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Coming Waves

Up Coming Content:

With video now fully supported, we hope to introduce some video content of our own. Specifically we hope to host video versions of our current static tutorials. This should make it easier to understand the benefits and ease of using Image Surfer Pro. Keep an eye on our news feed for these new videos!

Next Release Date: Mid 2018

The next release is planned to be a minor release (03.03). The release will finish our support for multiple media file types with some basic clean up, a few more user configurations for flexibility. The release will be staged such that any issues related to the 3.2 release may also be included.

A few features being developed for this release, with more to come as the release progresses!

Next Major Release: Late 2018 to Mid 2019

The Image Surfer Pro staff is currently working on the following features for our upcoming releases. Make sure to check back often to get your copy as soon as it is available!

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User's Manual

You can always use the Information button from Image Surfer Pro Toolbar button on the Image Surfer Pro toolbar to access the user manual for the version of software you have installed.

The "Manual" tab at the top of the each Image Surfer Pro webpage will always access the user's manual for the latest version of software.

If you would like to take a look at the user's manual for a later or earlier version of the software use any of the following links:

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Frequently Asked Questions

This link will take you to our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have a question which is not answered here, please drop us an email so we can provide the support you need.

See if your question is in the Frequently Asked Questions

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Still need some guidance on how to use your new Image Surfer Pro Fusker Software? Checkout the tutorials for examples and walkthroughs of Image Surfer Pro's powerful fusker features. These tutorials may also be accessed through the Tutorials tab on the menu above.

Walk through examples of the Image Surfer Pro features in the tutorials.

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Contact Us

Have a specific question you can't seem to find the answer to? Drop us a line and we'll do our best to answer any question you might have!

Email Address: Send a direct email to Support@ImagesurferPro.com

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