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Image Surfer Pro Intellectual Property

The Image Surfer Pro software technology is on file with the United States Patent Office (provisional filing 61365317). The Image Surfer Pro software package will continue to grow and expand and increase in value as more users adopt it.

Shared Revenue Opportunities

If you have an interest in expanding the technology from Internet Explorer to other web browsers, Surfing After Dark would like to partner with you in the venture and would be willing to share revenue from the registration of software for the other web browsers.

If you have other software which you currently distribute either through Internet or retail outlets Surfing After Dark would be interested in bundling our software with yours to increase sales of both and share in the revenue generated. We can accommodate bundling on this site as well as support you in your efforts to bundle.

For these or other ideas about how Surfing After Dark might partner with your business please contact us with the following link:

In your email be sure to include your company information as well as your business vision.
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Web Browser Integration

Surfing After Dark is currently entertaining offers from major web browser development companies for direct inclusion of our Image Surfer Pro technology in their product. Inclusion in the core browser product is ideal in that it removes much of the limitations forced on Toolbar Extensions and is the next logical step in the Image Surfer Pro product evolution.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be the first web browser with the Image Surfer Pro technology built in. Start the communication today with an email:
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General Inquiry?

For general business inquiry, please drop us an email with your contact information and a bit about what your interest in the Image Surfer Pro technology is.
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