Image Surfer Pro User Manual

Typical Image Context Menu displayed by IE when you right click an image

Internet Explorer Image Context Menu

Within the Internet Explorer display window, when you right click any image the Image Context Menu is displayed. A typical version of the context window after Image Surfer Pro is installed is shown on the left.

Without Image Surfer Pro installed the option Copy Image URL seen near the bottom of the menu would not be present. With this addition to the menu there are now three Copy options on the menu.

This option copies the actual image data such that it can be pasted into programs such as Photoshop, MSPaint, or Word as an image.

Copy Shortcut:
This option will only be available if the image was a clickable reference to another file or webpage. It will copy the fully qualified URL of the file or page the image links to. If this text is pasted to the IE address bar this URL will display the page left clicking the image would have displayed.

Copy Image URL:
This new option copies the fully qualified URL of the image, not the image data, and not the URL the image links to. If this text is pasted to the IE address bar the image itself will be displayed.

This extension to the menu is ideally suited to work in conjunction with the URL Capture Bar extension to the Image Surfer Pro toolbar but may be used with any number of applications where the URL to the image is needed and not the actual image data.

Related User Preferences:

This extension to the IE image context menu does not utilize any Image Surfer Pro user configurations.

Differences in Free and Full Versions

This IE image context menu extension is available in both the free and registerd versions of Image Surfer Pro.

Screen Capture Examples

Sample screen capture after using Auto Range Override and Process

A short example of using the extension to the Internet Explorer context menu in conjunction with the URL Capture Bar and Auto Range Override to add an image to your fusker collection.