Image Surfer Pro Fusker Collection View

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Fusker collection view menu with Split highlighted

Fusker Collection View Menu:

Occasionally the text within a segment consists of two sets of numbers. For example a file named Wallpaper_2_800.jpg may have associated files such as Wallpaper_2_1024.jpg but it may also have associated files such as Wallpaper_3_800.jpg. It would be good to have a way to reference all of the associated files.

There are many ways this can be accomplished.

A brute force method could add each file individually to the fusker collection. While this would certainly work, it could be difficult to manage if the combination of different values reached several hundred files that were not accessible via a thumbnail post.

Another approach could be to create a numerically fusked file segment for each possible entry of one of the fields where the fusk contains the possible values for the other field. For example files like:

Or even a single list fusked file with entries for each combination of the two parameters...


The options are probably limitless and using Split is another of those options. The keyboard shortcut key "s" may be used within the collection view window to split the currently selected segment. If you hit "s" by mistake, "r" can be used to roll up the segment and effectively undo the split.

What Split Does

While the Collection and Path segments hold only a single string, all other segments contain at a minimum three individual parts:

Only Directory and File segments may be split. The contents of a segment will split in one of two ways:

When the segment splits two segments will take the place of the original segment. The rest of the tree branch is effectively pushed one step lower in the tree. Regardless of where the segment splits, the original Pre-Text will still come before the original fusk and the Post-Text will still be after the original fusk.

If the segment splits at a directory marker, the top segment will be a Directory. Otherwise, the top segment will be a Split Directory. The bottom segment will be of the same type as the original segment.

Consider an example file segment: Megan-Fox-megan-fox-27393355-1600-1200.jpg

Initial Segment After Modification After Splitting
Initial file segment Modified file segment in the editor with the list fusk editor open as well Segment editor windows showing both the Split Directory and File Segment
Fusker collection tree view showing the initial image reference Fusker collection tree view showing the modified image reference expanded Fusker collection tree view showing tree expanded with the new split directory segment and chlid file segment

Once the original file segment has become two new segments, each of those segments may be modified individually. This includes adding a fusk to the split directory segment. A segment may be split an indefinite number of times to separate out any text you wish to fusk separately.

Related User Preferences:

Splitting a segment does not make use of any user configurations.

Differences in Free and Full Versions

Splitting and Rolling Up fusker collection segments is supported in both the Free and Registered versions of Image Surfer Pro.

Screen Capture Examples

Sample screen capture after using Auto Range Rolling Up A Tree Branch
This example first builds a new branch in a fusker collection using techniques described in the URL Capture Bar Example. The Split command is used to isolate the portion of the URL to be fusked. Once the split branch is completed, the effects of using the Roll Up command is demonstrated.
Sample screen capture after using Auto Range Multiple Fusks Per URL Level
A brief example using the Female Action Stars fusker collection which demonstrates creating multiple fusks within the same file reference segment. The example uses the Modify option to prepare the file segment to be split and then splits the file segment to create a numeric fusk in the split directory segment and a list fusk in the file segment.